Fee Changes Take Effect August 24, 2022

Visitors to Vermont State Parks come to recreate in a safe and welcoming environment. During their stay they count on a clean, friendly and relaxing experience. To help guide that experience rules are established for visitor behavior and to help protect these amazing places for the long term. Even though managing Vermont State Parks and hosting well over 1 million visitors each year is a complex operation, our aim is to keep the associated rules as simple as possible and to maintain an environment where expectations are clear and opportunities are available to all. 

The establishment of rules and fees for Vermont State Parks is governed through legislative authority, State Statute Title Ten Section 2603c, and there is a lengthy process set in place for changing rules and setting fees.  

Periodically we consider changes and must follow the rule making process to do so. An important piece of this process is the opportunity for elected officials and the general public to weigh in. Proposed changes are carefully considered by agency professionals and our goal is to remain as affordable as possible while ensuring that the majority of the costs to operate the state park system are covered. 100% of fees collected go directly back into operating the parks system.   

PRICE CHANGE NOTES:  Existing reservations will not be subject to the fee increases unless the reservation is changed, which would trigger the system to recalculate and charge the new fees. So for instance, if someone is taking advantage of Risk-Free reservations by changing a reservation to a later date, you’ll have to adjust the fees.



 New 1-night Minimum Stay Policy

1-night reservations are now permitted Sunday – Thursday nights beginning March 1 for current season reservations. Applies only to tent/RV sites and lean-to’s.

 No Show Policy

Visitors must occupy their sites no later than 2PM the second day after their reservation begins or must contact the park staff to notify them of their late arrival. Visitors failing to do so will forfeit their site and will not be entitled to any refund.  If the customer doesn’t check in on the expected date, please make every attempt to contact them. For the 2022 season, we will just be educating visitors of the new policy, we’ll begin enforcing the rule in 2023.



 Green River Reservoir

Campsites at Green River Reservoir will now be charged the same camping fees as other Vermont State Park campgrounds.



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