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The Season Has Begun for Off-Season Camping and Day Use!

A fall view from Big Deer State Park of Peacham Pond Off-season camping and day use is a magical experience. The parks have a stillness that you can't get in the summer. Many animals are hibernating, there is little rustling of the trees, the bugs are gone, and you can sometimes go a whole day without bumping into another visitor. The best part is that it is FREE! Both day use and camping in Vermont State Parks in the off season are free to all visitors. The only thing visitors need to do is park outside the gate, and for camping, make sure you fill out a request form in advance of your stay. During this time of year, the views are wonderful (since many trees are leafless), winter sports like snowshoeing and cross-country season begin, and at night, the campfire never felt so good. A bohemian waxwing Some fun activities to do in the parks this time of year include: birding, tracking, finding bird nests, and hiking! Keep an eye out for grouse, turkeys, and cardinals