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Cool update from recent Mt. Philo Facebook Post

A couple of weeks ago on our facebook page we posted this photo of the rustic wood railing being restored at the Mt. Philo State Park shelter. Here's a cool update to the story:  The Seasonal Parks Maintenance Technician performing the work is John Robert Davine. John Robert’s maternal grandfather was part of the original CCC crew that cut and built the Mt. Philo road and summit area, including the shelter where the railing is being restored, in the 1920’s. John Robert's dad is Bob Davine, who has been a Parks Maintenance Technician for the past 25+ years. That makes 3 generations of one family caring for Mt. Philo! That's Vermont for you!

Another Reason Why State Parks are so Important

Dear Vermont State Parks, We have been meaning to write since summer, and as Thanksgiving approaches I am reminded to not let any more time pass. Please find the attached picture of one of the park staff with our kids. My husband and I have six year old twins, and we wanted to introduce them to camping this year. By sheer accident, we landed in Branbury State Park . Due to the July 4th holiday, there was initially no room, but the following day -- loving Lake Dunmore -- we asked again and were lucky enough to be able to pitch our little tent in site number seventeen. The Venture Vermont activities were beyond perfectly perfect. My son and daughter learned to climb a mountain, cross a moving stream, build a fire without matches. The young men and women teaching in the program were sensitive, insightful, funny, kind, and in the end very good at their jobs --each and every one. We can't say enough to our friends many of whom have children where we live here in Manhattan and plan t