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Enhancements coming for Lake Shaftsbury State Park

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 28, 2019 Contact: Reuben Allen Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation | Agency of Natural Resources (802) 786-3838, Enhancements coming for Lake Shaftsbury State Park             Shaftsbury, Vt. -- Several operational changes are slated for Lake Shaftsbury State Park for the upcoming summer season. These changes are in response to increased visitation and a continuing effort to better serve the demands of park visitors. Changes include a new playground, a more relaxed pet policy, and an extended operating season. The playground is expected to be in place and ready for visitors by mid-June and will include swings, a dome-shaped climbing structure and a large, classic play structure. For the first time, pets will be allowed in the park everywhere except the sandy beach and inside buildings. Access areas for dogs to go for a swim separated from the beach area have been identified and will be pos

Looking for Volunteers to Help with Park Clean Up!

We could use your help raking leaves and with litter removal in the following parks: Saturday, May 4th at 10am Mt. Philo Button Bay Branbury Half Moon Pond Bomoseen Saturday, May 11th at 10am DAR Lake St. Catherine Emerald Lake Lake Shaftsbury Woodford Please email Ranger Brian ( ) if you plan to attend the spring clean up or if you have any questions.   

Sugaring Season: Camp Recipes With Maple

Fresh-baked maple cookie at Seyon Lodge State Park  Despite the up and down weather, there’s a sweet smell in the air, which means it must be maple season! In honor of our official state tree and state flavor, here are some suggestions on how to incorporate maple into your camp recipes. Oatmeal Deluxe Oatmeal has a well-deserved reputation as a healthy breakfast, but after too many mornings of gooey goodness, let’s face it, it can get a bit monotonous! Luckily, fresh maple syrup is the perfect accompaniment. Bonus: it’s simple to prepare over the campfire- just boil some water and let your oats sit for 5 minutes. To jazz up your basic bowl, there are many options to try. Nuts, seeds, berries, dried fruit, coconut flakes or even chocolate chips are all easy to pack, store and carry in camp. You could even create a DIY Oatmeal Bar that allows everyone to customize their own breakfast! http://www.myr