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Hey, What's In My Water? Swim Water Testing At Vermont State Parks

Park staff keeps an eye on the beach, cleaning and doing weekly swim water testing  On a hot day, nothing feels as good as a swim. But before you jump in that pretty, pristine-seeming lake, do you ever wonder how clean it is? We all know that appearances can be deceiving, and that even the cleanest looking lake can harbor bacteria, algae, and other lurking nasties. This is one reason people enjoy and appreciate visiting our swimming areas. Vermont State Parks tests swim water at managed areas weekly and have for over 25 years. “We do it to assure our visitors that we are keeping an eye on the water in which we recreate,” says Frank Spaulding, Parks Projects Coordinator who compiles the swim water testing results each week. Occasionally there are elevated readings and alerts are posted, but, as Spaulding points out, “consistently, over time, our water is great.” Every week, 38 different managed swim areas at state park beaches are tested for e-coli., an indicator bacteria.

5 Underrated State Parks to Visit

View from the trail at Fort Dummer  Coolidge State Park Plymouth, VT  Other mountain parks like Smugglers’ Notch get all the love, but Coolidge is an underrated gem, conveniently located off of Route 100, and not far from a string of beautiful lakes. It’s a rustic, retro location for those looking for a quite weekend in a lovely mountain setting. Sites are well-spaced out, giving privacy, and there are several very remote sites that can still be accessed by car. There are hiking trails in the park, and in the Coolidge State Forest, as well as the nearby Long Trail. When you want to go for a swim, hop in your car and drive 15 minutes to Camp Plymouth State Park on Echo Lake. Show your car tag, and get in for free. Fort Dummer State Park Brattleboro, VT If you’re in southern Vermont and looking for a base to explore the area, Fort Dummer is a good choice. It’s located just outside the town of Brattleboro, and close to other southern Vermont locations like Bennington,