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Leighton Wass Celebrates 200th Fishing Trip at Seyon Lodge State Park

Greetings from Seyon Lodge State Park ! Today the sun is shining and reflects in a beautiful way off the new green foliage on the trees and plants of the forest. Flowers in hanging baskets swing in the breeze that keep the black flies at bay, and the anglers that head out to the pond are in for some good fishing, I hear. Speaking of fishing...Leighton Wass, a frequent angler and new friend of mine, is about to visit Seyon for the 200th time to go fishing on the pond! He has been coming to Seyon since 1987 and for the last 22 years has never been "skunked" during his fishing trips here. Since I have known him, Leighton's love for this special place has been apparent; he always has a nice thing to say about the way the park looks or the good fishing on the's nice to see someone so content and appreciative of the outdoors. If you get a chance to meet Leighton, you will know what I mean. We congratulate him on his 200th fishing trip to Seyon and look forward t

Hidden Talents of State Park Staff

Frank Spaulding is the Projects Coordinator for Vermont State Parks . He oversees construction projects and is the go-to guy for stuff like wastewater systems, toilet building design, contract and bidding administration and ordering the parks' vehicles. He also takes the lead on hazard identification, aesthetic standards and has a lot to do with the captial budget. Perhaps not the most glamorous work, but vital to the safety and enjoyment of all state park visitors. Recently, our Commissioner, Jason Gibbs, put out a call to FPR (Forests, Parks & Recreation) staff soliciting ideas for funny radio ads for the parks. Frank is a funny guy (funny ha ha) and all three of his ideas were selected and produced into radio ads that will run this summer. Chuck Woessner is the Parks Regional Manager for the northwestern part of the state. He oversees operations for Grand Isle , Lake Carmi , Burton Island and Underhill state parks, just to name a few. Chuck's hidden talents include a

Getting the Parks Ready to Open

As the sun rises this morning I awake to the calls of Robins outside… spring is here at last. I am the park ranger/innkeeper here at beautiful Seyon Lodge State Park in Groton, Vermont and these days I’m busy opening the park and preparing for this season’s guests and visitors. Out near the big barn in the side yard is a row of rowboats all tipped up on their sides, waiting for the ice to thaw on the pond. Later today we’ll bring them down to the water one by one and launch them into the marina for this year’s anglers to enjoy. I notice that the sky is spitting snow as I zip up my parka and head out the door. Today is a quiet day, the breeze through the tall pines and the squeaking of red squirrels keep me company as I wander down to the water’s edge. Soon this place will be alive with anglers eager to cast their fly rods and Lodge guests heading out for hiking and other activities before dinnertime. Heading up toward the vegetable garden my mind switches gears. What to plant this y