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Join Us For A First Day Hike!

By Jessica Savage   Looking for a fun way to start the New Year off right? Did you make a resolution to be fitter, to meet new people or to get outside more in 2014? Well, look no further than a Vermont State Park near you! With over ten hikes already on the schedule, and more being added, you can find one that's a perfect fit! Are you a family looking for a hike everyone can enjoy? Then check out our hikes in Silver Lake State Park in Barnard or Grand Isle State Park in Grand Isle. Ashley Brisson, Head Park Ranger at Grand Isle, will lead the way on the Ironwood Nature Trail, an easy 1-mile loop, while telling you about animal tracking in snow, how animals survive a Vermont winter, and more!  At Silver Lake, former park ranger and local naturalist Scott Davison ( the Woodstock Naturalist ) will lead the way through storytelling and natural history. Seeking a more challenging hike to get your body moving? Then consider the hike up to the summit of Camel's Hump , t

Park Use During Hunting Season

Hunting is an annual tradition for Vermonters and an important part of the state’s cultural heritage. Many people view hunting as a way to source their meat locally and build a relationship with the land. Hunting is allowed on all state lands, including State Parks, during the off-season. Though the hunting season is in full swing, the parks are still available for hiking, biking, snowshoeing, or skiing.  Please come and visit the parks, but remember to be cautious in the woods. Dress in blaze orange (dogs, too) and make yourself heard. The parks listed below currently have their gates open for hunting season: Allis State Park Coolidge State Park Mt. Ascutney State Park Bomoseen Forest Block (not the campground/park proper) Alburg State Park Burton Island State Park Grand Isle State Park Kamp Kill Kare State Park Knight Island State Park Knight Point State Park Lake Carmi State Park Niquette Bay State Park North Hero State Park Sand Bar State Pa