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Venture Vermont 2009 Outdoor Challenge

By:Judith Ensor I’m at the top of Jay Peak. It took just about an hour and 15 minutes to climb up this time. I’ve already been rewarded for my effort as the weather has cleared and I am enjoying a beautiful view. This morning, I really struggled with whether to make the trip over from St. Albans Bay. The paper called for “partly cloudy” skies and a chance of afternoon thunderstorms but tomorrow didn’t look any more promising. So, I decided to take a chance. For a good part of the trek up, I had to remind myself that the hike itself is part of the fun. Every once in a while, as I made my way along the trail, the sun would peek out and I’d feel rushed to get to the top before the storms came. Then, I’d make myself slow down and just enjoy the walk. “Put one foot in front of the other. Let your mind wander,” I told myself. “Get into a steady rhythm. Breathe. Relax. This is vacation, not a race.” I wondered how many times have I made this climb? I’ve probably been coming here for over 3

Coolidge State Park Nature Center

Bill and Janey Schreiber came to Coolidge in 2000. Bill became Park Ranger mid-season of 2000. Bill and Janey’s son, Pete Corradino was a naturalist for the State of Vermont and presented nature programs for campers at Jamaica State Park . He would also present programs at Coolidge when he had time. Bill and Janey envisioned CSP having it’s own nature center. Because the State of Vermont couldn’t give the park financial backing for such a project, Bill and Janey began fund raising to fulfill their vision. Unfortunately Janey passed away suddenly on December 27, 2005. Not wanting to let their dream slip away, Bill continues to work diligently towards the completion of the nature center. The nature center will be named the “Janey Schreiber Memorial Nature Center”. Over the years fund raising has included such items as: Specialized CSP t-shirts Cutting Boards CSP Photo Frames During the 2009 season, Bill made a jewelry box and held a silent auction to raise funds for the nature ce