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Winter Work to Occur at Two Waterbury Reservoir Public Access Areas

Contact: Walter Opuszynski, Field Recreation Specialist Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation | Agency of Natural Resources (802) 476-0181 / (802) 522-6022; Waterbury, Vt. – Concrete ramps will be installed at the Waterbury Dam and Blush Hill boat launches this February to improve recreational access around Waterbury Reservoir. Green Mountain Power (GMP) will be doing the work as part of the company’s commitment to improving the Waterbury Dam and surrounding areas. GMP will improve four recreational access areas around Waterbury Reservoir: Moscow Paddlers’ access, Waterbury Dam boat launch, Blush Hill boat launch and Anglers’ Trail. The Anglers’ Trail was completed in 2018 and the other three locations will be finished in time for the 2019 summer season. Every winter, the water level of the reservoir is drawn down to create space for spring run-off. When the water levels dip below the bottom of the ramps in Februar

Nature Craft: Giant Ice Marbles!

Winter is a beautiful time of year here in the northeast. Everywhere you look there is snow sparkling in the sun, icicles in the windows, snow-capped mountains in the distance, and this week, breathtakingly cold weather!  In an effort to embrace the temperatures, we at Vermont State Parks decided to embark on a project that combines ice, art, balloons, and some freezing temperatures. What could it be? GIANT ICE MARBLES! What you will need: -Balloons -Food coloring -Water -Freezing air or a freezer How to make them: 1. First, open the mouth of the balloon and place several drops of food coloring inside.  You can use the standard colors or mix your own by combining two different colors. 2.  Stretch the mouth of the balloon around the head of a faucet. Slowly fill i t up with water until the balloon is slightly smaller than a bowling ball. Note :  If the balloon loses grip with the faucet, things can get messy. Keep a  firm hold on the top of the bal

Seeking Public Input on Improvements to Sand Bar State Park

The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation is holding a public meeting to present conceptual plans, part of a master planning process, for improvements to Sand Bar State Park . The intent of the planning process is to update the park to meet current visitor needs, while protecting the environment, enhancing historic and cultural resources and making needed safety improvements.   Sandbar State Park is one of Vermont’s oldest and most iconic state parks. It is also one of the busiest and has not seen significant reinvestment since the last expansion, over 30 years ago. Sandbar has provided years of lake access and given generations countless memories. To honor that history and look to the future, FPR is undertaking a park-wide design process for Sand Bar State Park.  Sandbar is, and always will be a picnic and beach area, but what the conceptual design does introduce includes: Moving the park entrance 425’ to the west of the current entrance to improve visibil