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Announcing Random Acts of Camping Giveaway

We are coming to Crystal Lake State Park in Barton this weekend! To sh are the joy of camping with Vermonters, Vermont State Parks will be launching a new promotion designed to encourage day-users to try camping. The Random Acts of Camping program rewards lucky visitors to day-use parks with two free nights of their choice of tent, lean-to, RV, or cabin camping at any Vermont State Park campground. One winner will be chosen every weekend from June 21 – August 3, weather permitting. The program was developed as a way to increase statewide accessibility to camping and to foster a lifelong love of the outdoors. Vermont State Parks will be giving away the free park stays to day-users at Waterbury Center ,  Sand Bar ,  Lake Shaftsbury ,  Camp Plymouth ,  Mt. Philo ,  Boulder Beach ,  and Crystal Lake State Parks during busy  weekends this summer. The winners wil l be chosen at random by park staff. Winners will also receive personal trip planning assistance from the Parks Sales &am

Micro hikes and Microbrews: Kingsland Bay and Drop-In Brewery

Welcome back to Microhikes and Microbrews!  For Vermont Days this year, we decided to visit Kingsland Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh and Drop-In Brewery in Middlebury. Kingsland Bay State Park sits right on the shore of Lake Champlain and is open for day use.  There are several historic buildings on site that are available for groups to rent out. When we arrived at Kingsland Bay, preparations for a wedding were well underway. With the sun starting to peek out from behind the clouds, we could tell it was going to be a beautiful event.   The State Park also offers two different hiking trails.  We were able to sneak around the wedding preparations and take the first hike that led us from the main state park grounds and along the lake to a small vista point. We then drove out to the Ferrisburgh town beach and took the second hike out to the park's remote camping site. It is also possible to access this site by water from the main state park grounds. Because these were rel


In recent years, letterboxing has taken off in communities around the world. Part treasure hunt and part art project, letterboxing is a fun and exciting way to interact with your community, ignite your spirit of adventure, and spend time outside discovering or rediscovering natural areas. What You Will Need: Personal Stamp (You can have one custom-made or carve one yourself!) Ink Pad Logbook Pencil Any navigational tools like a compass or a map. How to Letterbox: Letterboxing is an activity in which one person or family hides a waterproof box in a secret location of their choosing. The box contains a carved rubber stamp unique to the person or family who hid it, and a log book. After hiding the box, they post clues, directions, and maps about where to find it. Finders use the clues provided to locate the box. Once it is found, they leave a record of having been there by stamping their own logbook with the stamp in the box and stamping the box’s logbook with their un