In recent years, letterboxing has taken off in communities around the world. Part treasure hunt and part art project, letterboxing is a fun and exciting way to interact with your community, ignite your spirit of adventure, and spend time outside discovering or rediscovering natural areas.

What You Will Need:
  • Personal Stamp (You can have one custom-made or carve one yourself!)
  • Ink Pad
  • Logbook
  • Pencil
  • Any navigational tools like a compass or a map.

How to Letterbox:

Letterboxing is an activity in which one person or family hides a waterproof box in a secret location of their choosing. The box contains a carved rubber stamp unique to the person or family who hid it, and a log book. After hiding the box, they post clues, directions, and maps about where to find it. Finders use the clues provided to locate the box. Once it is found, they leave a record of having been there by stamping their own logbook with the stamp in the box and stamping the box’s logbook with their unique stamp. The finder can add the date that they found the box and any comments about their experience next to their stamp in the box’s logbook.

There are thousands of letterboxes across North America and hundreds in Vermont alone! Many are located within Vermont State Parks like Brighton, Coolidge, HalfMoon Pond, Knight Point, Little River, Maidstone, Molly Stark, Mt. Ascutney, Niquette Bay, and Woodford State Parks.

For a full listing of Vermont’s letterboxes, visit Atlas Quest or Letterboxing North AmericaUse the links to explore Vermont and find letterboxes near you! 


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