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The First Newsletter of the Year!

Top Stories: There's a Weasel in the WoodshedNo Child Left InsideA Need for Speed in Woodford State ParkWanted: Great People to Work for Vermont State ParksSeyon's Hot Even in the Cold MonthsTop Places for Winter Sports

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Insider's Guide: Best Parks for Winter Activities

Time to get outside! The days are getting longer, the snow has finally arrived, and there's a bonus of no poison ivy or mosquitoes! It's the perfect time to enjoy fun activities in your nearest Vermont State Park. Best of all - they're free! Click here for more details about off-season access to the parks.

Here's advice from folks in the know:

Sledding: For daring sled riders, a large treeless hill can be found by the lower parking lot in Waterbury Center State Park. Mt. Philo State Park has a long, winding road up (and down) the mountain - it's worth the hike to sled from the top. Mt. Ascutney State Park presents a big challenge with steering on it's winding road - this one is very steep! Those that fear high speeds should take heed! Elmore State Park has a variety of hills with different steepnesses and sizes. Good for all ages.

Snowshoeing: Trails that are fun in the summer are magical in the winter. Click on these parks for trail maps to a winter wonderland …