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Grand Isle State Park Video

Check out this video of Grand Isle made by two local students! Then scroll down for more information about the creators. My name is Sam Ashton. My hobbies include making videos, playing video games, and drawing. I have come to realize that I desire a career in film making. My primary goal is to become a director, but if that doesn't go well, I want to be involved with film making in any way I can. I am a fun loving guy who enjoys a variety of movie genres, like action, sci-fi, horror and comedy. Together with a few friends of mine, we create videos for fun that are either special effects or comedy. When we were asked to think of a community service project, Marty proposed we do a video for the Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation. I thought it was a great idea and that it would be fun. It was fun, and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was one of the first videos done for someone else that was more serious and it came out great. I'm Marty Tobin. I enjoy playing video games,

Vermont State Parks on Facebook

Vermont State Parks now has a Facebook page. Check it out, write on our wall and become a fan.

Interested in Performing in a Vermont State Park?

Whether you sing, tell stories, offer short lessons, or something we haven't thought of yet; we'd love to hear from you. We can't pay performers, but we can offer a barter for camping, parks passes, or merchandise. If you are interested in performing in a Vermont State Park this summer, contact Sarah Mitchell by e-mail at

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Vermont State Parks now has an e-newsletter. We'd like to keep you up to date on park happenings and share some interesting stories with you. We promise not to share your email address, or overwhelm you with emails - we'll only be sending a few editions a year. So, to sign up, go to Vermont State Parks and enter your email address under "Sign up for our Email Newsletter".

Off Season Park Use

Looking for a place to spend a winter day? Would you like to give winter camping a try? Learn about opportunities for off-season use of the parks.