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Caring for Parks, Caring for Nature

By: Tiffany Soukup I had been hearing about "The Project" for weeks. My nephew Carsten made a project that everyone in his entire school in Pennsylvania could see and we were in it. My husband, Chris, and I have been working seasonally in Vermont State Parks for years. We've moved around to a handful of different parks, most recently calling Seyon Lodge our summer home. Most years our family has been able to come up to visit and see each place we've been fortunate to live and work at. So far, Seyon Lodge has been their favorite. If any of you reading have ever worked seasonal jobs or jobs with distinct ebbs and flows in your workload, you know how extreme it can be. Seasonal work is great because it's for a specified period of time and then it's over, but it can be pretty intense and exhausting at times. When I think of carloads of family members coming to visit on our limited off time during the season, a tiny part of me cringes at the spare, precious

Place Writing: Little River State Park

By:  Sage Coates-Farley In Waterbury, Vermont, just off Route 2, lies one of Vermont’s many State Parks. This place is known as Little River State Park. But it’s not just any state park, it holds many memories. Picture a large lake, surrounded by campgrounds in the peak of summer. Laughing kids, the smell of campfires, and a relaxed environment. The calm Waterbury Reservoir makes nearly a perfect place for a day of leisurely kayaking as a family. I can recall many days at the parks beaches after a long paddle around the serene reservoir. I first learned how to paddle a kayak at this very place and I’m so glad I did. In the Fall. Picture a network of interlocking trails and camping grounds. But now picture this very place full of bright red, orange, and yellow leaves on the trees. And see families enjoying the last evenings of beautiful weather around a glowing bed of coals. I’ve spent many nights with my own family doing this same thing at that very same park. The sounds of c