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Tales of this Summer's Trail Work

Every wonder what goes on when you do not see the work happening? Here are two stories from some of this years trail work. Boardwalk  The new Lake Carmi boardwalk replaces a small loop of near-ground level boards that were slippery, uneven and made for a great temptation to roam on foot across the bog trampling sensitive plant life.  The new boardwalk is fully accessible to all, elevates above the bog for improved views and has less impact on plants and wildlife.  It provides a great learning opportunity as well since there are good views of plants and animals and it can support groups of all abilities out to 231’ into the bog.  We plan on adding an interpretive sign next summer.  This past August the state trail crew worked for two weeks on the project.  The first week they worked with a contractor who instructed the crew with how to drive the helical piers and then how to go about making a level, wooden surface with framing and decking.  This is the first time the minimal impa

Emerald Lake gets a face lift!

A 2-3 foot stone retaining wall was removed between the grassy area and the sand.  The primary purpose was to increase access by allowing them to walk onto sand at any point rather than the one ramp.  It also reduces the risk of people and children from falling in an attempt to access the sand by jumping down the stone retainer.  A secondary benefit may reduce the amount of sand loss by better controlling runoff. Another goal, equal to removing the wall was to gain usable sand and grass area, to provide drainage and to create a slightly larger potential footprint for a future playground. Here are some photos from the construction!