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Welcome To Vermont State Parks Blog!

Vermont State Parks belong to all of us. We who spend our lives trying our very best to manage them, care for them and keep them alive and healthy for the next generation are, in every sense, working for you. We are all in this together. Surveys we conduct, our web site, our e-newsletter and this blog are all ways for people who love Vermont State Parks to let us and other visitors know about experiences, preferences, needs and ideas for new and different features. We listen. Others will, too. So, join in the community of people who cherish our parks and participate in this wonderful communication opportunity. Share your stories and share your ideas. Welcome!

Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge 2009!

Do cool activities and earn free park admission! Its easy! Download the score sheet to get started today! You and your family can spend the season outside, and earn points for visiting beautiful places! When you get to those places, earn more points for doing all kinds of fun activities! Points are awarded for doing fun things like playing games, paddling on a lake, playing Frisbee with your friends or attending nature programs. If you earn 250 points you will be awarded a Silver VIP Pass to Vermont State Parks. With it you can come back to Vermont State Parks for the rest of this year and all of next year for free day entry! All you need to do is download a score sheet, keep track of all your points, document your activities by taking photos and send them back to us! Each score sheet and pass is for one individual, but families can do activities together and record points on their individual score sheets and each earn a pass. Click here view 2009 participants or Download a sc