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Join Vermont State Parks For Free First Day Hikes (and learn how to prep for a day outside)

Jump-start your new year with a free family hike... now with extra added snow! Local experts all around Vermont will be offering guided hikes on January 1st, and we welcome everyone to participate. Start your new year by getting outside and enjoying the new snowfall.  Dogs are welcome on a leash. Hikes vary in length and difficulty, so there is something for everyone. All hikes are listed as easy to moderate, with the exception of Hunger Mountain, which is difficult.  (Detailed description of Hunger Mountain hike is at the bottom.) How Should I Prepare For a Winter Hike?  Jessica Savage, Recreation Program Manager, and Niquette Bay State Park hike leader gives us a rundown: "Bring a backpack with water and snacks. Make sure to have an extra hat and gloves, as well as an extra pair of wool hiking socks. Dress in layers, synthetic or wool. A good long underwear base layer under lined snow/ waterproof pants, with several warm layers on top, under a winter jacket. When yo

Guest Blog: Winter Camping at Burton Island by Matt Parsons

Burton Island is a 253-acre park off the southwestern tip of Hathaway Point in St. Albans Vermont, in Lake Champlain’s ‘Inland  Sea’. The park is accessible only by boat in the summer time. The state’s passenger ferry makes the 10-minute trip from Kamp Kill Kare State Park.  All Vermont State Parks are open from November 1st to April 15th. People wanting to camp in the off-season need to submit a request at least three days in advance and wait for approval. The reason for this is that there might be construction, logging or some other project going on that they wouldn’t want campers in the middle of. You can submit a request at this link: This adventure took place in February so I would be crossing the ice. I was layed off from the concrete construction business during the winter and was single at the time and the winter doldrums were setting in. A sure fire way for me to kick the mid winter blues is to get out and explore. In Vermont we are privileged to explore the parks in t

Get Busy in Winter Series: (Cross-Country) Ski the East

If you live in Vermont, chances are good that you have an appreciation for all four seasons. This includes snow (it’s a seasonal variation on Stockholm Syndrome.) In honor of winter, we present an ongoing series highlighting the many ways to get out & active on state parks and lands.  First up: Cross-Country Skiing. Love to ski? Not a fan of lift tickets every weekend? Funnily enough, we feel the same way. Lucky for us, we live in a state with many accessible (and free!) options for cross country skiing, and suitable for all abilities. Beginners can practice on park roads and trails, while experts can tackle the Catamount Trail - a backcountry cross- country ski trail that runs the length of Vermont. Woodford State Park, Woodford VT Close to Bennington, Vermont, Woodford  is a popular spot for winter recreation. A 2.7-mile loop circumnavigates the Adams Reservoir and treats you to some nice views. For practice, ski around the paved park roads. The more adventurous can al