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Reservation FAQs: How can I add to/change an existing reservation online?

 As of March 18th, 2020, Vermont State Parks launched a new reservations system at . We are launching a Reservation FAQs series to help you navigate this new system. To learn more about the exciting new features of our reservation system, click here.  How can I add to or change an existing reservation online including site changes or cancellations? Visit  and s elect 'RESERVE' Scroll down to and select 'Make Reservations' Select 'Sign In or Sign Up' Type in the email and password on file then select 'Sign In' Go to 'Current Reservations' Find your reservation you want to edit and select 'See Detail' The top right section above the 'Order Details' gives you options to: Change Reservation - Change dates and/or sites within current park Transfer to Another Park - Move dates and sites to a different VT State Park Cancel Reservation Make Another Reservation For this example, let's say

Get the Sled Out: Where to Go Sledding in Vermont State Parks

Please don't travel until it's safe to do so! Our travel posts are great for making future plans or dreaming about your next escape. Learn more about  Vermont State Parks and COVID-19 . For Vermonters, the winter landscape is like an outdoor playground! There are a lot of ways to play in the snow, but there is nothing quite like feeling the wind whipping and the snow flying as you careen down a hill on a sled. For your luging pleasure, we have put together a list of some great sledding hills in Vermont State Parks to try out this winter.