Reservation FAQs: How can I add to/change an existing reservation online?

 As of March 18th, 2020, Vermont State Parks launched a new reservations system at We are launching a Reservation FAQs series to help you navigate this new system. To learn more about the exciting new features of our reservation system, click here. 

How can I add to or change an existing reservation online including site changes or cancellations?

  • Scroll down to and select 'Make Reservations'
  • Select 'Sign In or Sign Up'
  • Type in the email and password on file then select 'Sign In'
  • Go to 'Current Reservations'
  • Find your reservation you want to edit and select 'See Detail'
  • The top right section above the 'Order Details' gives you options to:
    • Change Reservation - Change dates and/or sites within current park
    • Transfer to Another Park - Move dates and sites to a different VT State Park
    • Cancel Reservation
    • Make Another Reservation

  • For this example, let's say we realized we made a reservation for Friday June 18th , but wanted to move it to start on Saturday June 19th. Select 'Change Reservation' as we want the same site at the same park with different dates.
  • Select 'Change Date/Transfer to Another Site'
  • Under 'Arrival date' select the new arrival date. Select 'Book these Dates' once date and site have been updated to the new selection.
  • Update number of occupants and pets if necessary. 
  • Read over all 'Alerts and Important Information' and click 'Yes, I have read and understood this important information. Select 'Continue'.
  • Verify new dates and sites including any price differences. Select 'Confirm'.

  • The reservation is updated and returns you to the Reservation Details.


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