Leighton Wass Celebrates 200th Fishing Trip at Seyon Lodge State Park

Greetings from Seyon Lodge State Park! Today the sun is shining and reflects in a beautiful way off the new green foliage on the trees and plants of the forest. Flowers in hanging baskets swing in the breeze that keep the black flies at bay, and the anglers that head out to the pond are in for some good fishing, I hear.

Speaking of fishing...Leighton Wass, a frequent angler and new friend of mine, is about to visit Seyon for the 200th time to go fishing on the pond! He has been coming to Seyon since 1987 and for the last 22 years has never been "skunked" during his fishing trips here. Since I have known him, Leighton's love for this special place has been apparent; he always has a nice thing to say about the way the park looks or the good fishing on the pond...it's nice to see someone so content and appreciative of the outdoors. If you get a chance to meet Leighton, you will know what I mean. We congratulate him on his 200th fishing trip to Seyon and look forward to many more visits from him down the road.

In 1994, Leighton wrote in Vermont Sportsmen: "I have to admit, it's not just the fishing that makes Seyon Pond so appealing to me. The tannin-stained waters are far removed from most man made annoyances. Instead of jet skis, water skiers and loud music, you will hear only the sounds of nature: a moose wading the shoreline, a beaver slapping its tail, wild ducks quacking or the serenading of loons. Seyon Pond is a very special place - a little bit of what the past was like. Enjoy it if you have the chance but please do your part to keep Seyon the way it is - forever".

-- JesseMae Belcher, Innkeeper


  1. Hi JesseMae,
    Do you think Mr. Wass would share some of his secrets to not getting skunked on the pond?

    Larry Hall, booked lodge for 6/4/11


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