Seeking Public Input on Improvements to Mt. Philo State Park


The view from the Mt. Philo Overlook. - Raven Schwan-Noble
The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation is seeking public feedback on the potential designs to enhance Mt. Philo State Park. The intent of the planning process is to update the park to meet current visitor needs, while protecting the environment, enhancing historic and cultural resources and making needed safety improvements.  

Mt. Philo is Vermont’s first State Park, as well as its most popular. With over 40,000 visitors every year, several issues have become apparent in the park. A full design plan was deemed necessary to ensure the park is accessible and safe for all users, while serving as a sustainable, natural, and recreational resource for generations to come. 

After nearly a decade of work and with substantial public input, the long-range management plan (LRMP) for Mt. Philo State Park identified the need of enhancement plans to address parking and trail improvements in response to increased park use. The conceptual design proposed by the SE Group of Burlington introduces the following and more:

  • improved vehicular and pedestrian circulation/safety
  • storm water management/treatment
  • permanent restroom facilities
  • improved accessibility
  • sustainable path connections
  • expanded seating space

“Through the LRMP development process, a number of issues came to light that clearly require yet more planning, design and input,” Parks Regional Manager Reuben Allen said. “Ongoing communication and collaboration with our community partners and park users is critical to our success at Mt. Philo and elsewhere, and just because the plan is complete doesn’t mean the process of designing needed improvements to the park is going to stop. As we move forward, we welcome feedback and ideas for us to continue to improve our ability to serve those who enjoy our unmatched park system.”

The Mt. Philo LRMP was developed by its district stewardship team, a group consisting of subject matter experts from all disciplines within the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR). The plan can be viewed at Mt. Philo Long Range Management Plan. More information on Vermont State Parks can be found at

All feedback on the proposed design should be submitted by Sept. 30, 2020 and directed to:

Reuben Allen
Parks Regional Manager


  1. The plan looks really good. Much needed improvements, minimal impact.

  2. The plan looks really good. Much needed improvements, minimal impact.


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