Venture Vermont Starts Friday, April 1st!

Its back, and ready.  Are you?.  This year's Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge is better than ever and begins Friday, April 1st.

This popular statewide scavenger hunt invites participants to download a score sheet and complete fun outdoor activities.  You take photographs of your activities to keep track of what you've done.

When you reach 250 points, you send us your score sheet and photos.  You will receive a VIP Gold Coin, good for free park entry for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012!

You'll have fun and never run out of things to do this summer.   Over 350 people participated last year, and we hope you will join in the fun for this year.

There are three main rules to the challenge:

1.  Fill out one score card per person
2.  Take photos of all your activities
3.  Have a blast!

If you would like to do the challenge as a family, you can take group photos, but each family member will need their own score sheet. Check out the video in this article to see last year's challengers. 

The Venture Vermont page has all the info.  You can print out a score sheet and a poster to share with friends.


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