'Fall' in love with state parks - Parks open through autumn

Paddlers at Brighton State Park enjoying fall colors.
Days are getting shorter, nights are chilly and some stray trees have started to turn red, orange and gold. Summer may be over, but about half of our parks are open through Indigenous People’s Day, and a select few are open even later. Stop by for a visit and enjoy the cooler weather (and fewer bugs). Fall is a great time for camping, hiking, paddling, or getting in one final picnic before the earmuffs come on.

Below is our late season operating list:

Parks Open Until Sept 29th
Burton Island
Camp Plymouth
Kill Kare

Parks Open Until October 14
Button Bay
Emerald Lake
Green River Reservoir
Half Moon Pond
Kettle Pond
Kingsland Bay 
Lake Carmi
Lake Shaftsbury
Lowell Lake
Molly Stark
New Discovery
Ricker Pond
Smugglers’ Notch
Waterbury Center

Parks Open Until October 20
Mt. Ascutney
Gifford Woods
Grand Isle
Mt. Philo

Parks Open Until October 27
Little River

Parks Open Year-Round
Seyon Lodge

Please note: Parks off-season camping and usage does not start until November 1st. This is to allow staff to focus their efforts to properly close down facilities for the year.


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