Wanna Be A Food Truck Vendor At Sand Bar State Park (Or Know Someone Who Might?)

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Summer 2017


The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation is seeking food trucks operators for busy
summer weekends at Sand Bar State Park.

Introduction and Background

Sand Bar State Park hosts between 40,000-50,000 visitors each season. On peak weekend days, the park often has several hundred people sunbathing on the beach. Food concessions have historically operated 7 days a week from a building in the park or a seasonal trailer parked all summer in one location for the duration of the summer season.  This model has worked reasonably well, however vendors have struggled to maximize profitability on slower weekdays when visitation is slower.  The State is looking to change its operating model to improve park aesthetics, reduce infrastructure demands and better serve the public, while maximizing profitability of food vendors by focusing on weekends between June 24th and August 20th. 

How it will work:

The State shall make space available for up to two food trucks to operate simultaneously in a prominent location in the park.  The park gate opens for the public at 10:00 AM, however vendors may choose to arrive prior to park opening as the park becomes very congested on warm summer weekends.  Food trucks can operate up until 30 minutes before sunset when the park closes for the evening.  If vendors so choose, they may leave their food truck overnight for vending the next day.  It’s worth noting that ice cream and novelty products are not part of this request.  We have that food group covered already.  Sand Bar food truck days shall include:  June 24-25, July 1-4, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30, August 5-6, 12-13, 19-20.  If vendors wish to operate on additional days outside of the weekends listed above, the State will gladly provide the opportunity.

The State Shall Provide:

•             A prominent place to park a food truck at Sand Bar State Park.
•             Promotion on the park website.
•             Promotion within the park buildings.
•             Social media love through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
•             A fun State Park team to work with.

Food Truck Vendors Shall Provide:

•             Tasty food that our park visitors will be psyched to eat!
•             A self-contained unit without need for grid power.  Generators are allowed, but they must be the quiet kind out of respect for our environment and park visitors.
•             Some reasonably healthy options to balance out the less healthy ones.
•             Cheerful staff who will work with our Park Staff to make this a successful venture.
•             Trash cans and recycling cans if you so choose, but not only trash cans.  It’s a pack it in, pack it out park, but the law says that if we collect trash, we must provide a recycling option as well.  We’ll gladly accept your generated trash for $4.00 per bag.
•             A nominal daily vending fee of $10 per day or $15 per weekend, payable upon entrance to the park by cash or check.
•             A certificate of liability insurance naming the State as additionally insured (see Attachment C document for specifics).

Preparation of Proposal

Please provide of proposal that includes your name, address and business name, proposed menu and biographical information, including how long you have been operating and where you have operated.  Please also include a photo of your food truck or trailer.  Additionally, please provide your date preferences and availability.

Time Frame

Proposals form and attachments must be sent electronically and received by Rob Peterson, Parks Regional Manager:  Robert.peterson@vermont.gov on an ongoing basis until the end of summer.

Selection and scheduling of Vendors:

Will be based upon the amount of interest this request generates and the availability of vendors.  Vendors with the most availability will be given greatest preference in selection and scheduling.  Vendors must be able to comply provisions of Attachment C to qualify for this opportunity.

Form of agreement: 

The State and all selected vendors will enter into state form contract agreements which will set rates and responsibilities. Scheduling will not be part of the contract and will be finalized as described above.

Reservation of State’s Rights:

The State Reserves the right;

•             to accept or reject any and all bids, in whole or in part, with or without cause in the best interest of the State;
•             to waive technicalities in submissions; (A technicality is a minor deviation from the requirements of an RFP that does not impact the substantive terms of the bid/RFP and can be considered without a material impact on the RFP process, etc.).
•             to make purchases outside of the awarded contracts where it is deemed in the best interest of the State; and
•             to obtain clarification or additional information.


Please direct all questions to:
Rob Peterson
Parks Regional Manager


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