Throwback Thursday: The 1967 Lumberjack Roundup

A co-worker found an old issue of Vermont Life magazine while cleaning out his parents' house and brought it in to show us.

Of particular interest was the article on the 1967 Lumberjack Roundup, included below for your enjoyment.

The event drew thousands of people each year to Branbury State Park and included rousing activities such as the Greased Pole Climb, Watermelon Scramble, and of course sawing, chopping, felling, hewing and birling (balancing on a floating log) competitions.

There was even a "Round Up Queen" contest. Not long after the 1967 Vermont Life issue surfaced, we found a letter in the Forests & Parks archives on that old, transparent kind of typewriter paper. The memo (also included below for your enjoyment), dated April 6, 1961, was addressed to District County Foresters informing them of the newly relaxed Round Up Queen contestant eligibility requirements ..."Previously, contestants were selected from the winners of similar contests, which limited participation to Maple, Apple, Dairy, Winter Carnival Queens....". (How Vermont!)  The prize? "...The usual cup, axe and $25 check".


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