Intern Ellie Goes Lakeside - to the Champlain Parks

Wading off of
Burton Island
This week I explored the state parks on Lake Champlain which was great for cooling down in the hot summer heat. There was a big difference between these parks and the woodland parks I've been visiting over the past few weeks.

Kingsland Bay has a great day use area with historic buildings that house events throughout the season. It is popular for weddings although I didn't see anyone getting hitched while I was there.

I next went to nearby DAR State Park where I walked down to the water, a perfect spot for fishing. While there, I bumped into an interesting fisherman. This guy was great at fishing. He kept reeling fish in, naming them, and then throwing them back. I bet he knows every fish in the lake.

Onto the most unusual state park I went to: Burton Island. After a short ferry ride, I stepped off onto a beautiful island. Everywhere you look is a beach where every rock on the beach is a perfect skipping rock. I can’t seem to skip a single one while the toddlers are skipping several in a row. I brought a few friends there for a night at the Sumac Lean-to which is right next to the water so you never have to be too far away from the food or fire when you want to swim. We had a blast having our own personal lakeside property for a night of experiencing something new.

On the way to the Falls of Lana
At this point in my internship, I get to return to some of the parks where I first started. I revisited a few parks and found something new at each one. At the Falls of Lana, in Branbury State Park, I came upon beautiful pools and climbed huge boulders to overlook the campsite where I stayed on my first visit.

A friendly toad in Stillwater State Park
In my latest visit to Stillwater State Park, I got to see a black bear. I didn’t get to take a picture of the bear but this lovely toad posed for me on some mushrooms.

I'm happy to be visiting parks that have lots of cool water in this heat and I look forward to more experiences in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!


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