St. Johnsbury Academy Helps Vermont State Parks Rake It In!

Jerry helps direct the
large group of volunteers
Jerry Prevost, sophomore dean at St. Johnsbury Academy, challenges his students to do more for the community and the outdoors. As freshman, students at the academy perform community service in the St. Johnsbury area. Once they became sophmores, Jerry wanted their experience to be further from home. "We wanted students to think more about stewardship of the Earth and Groton came to mind". Jerry continues that many of his students live near and use Vermont State Parks and with summer just around the corner, it seemed a timely opportunity for the students to help an organization that in turn protects undeveloped land and educates on some of Vermont's greatest natural resources.

Special touches by the volunteers
helped to make the parks even better
On April 29th, Jerry along with over 175 students and faculty traveled the short distance to Groton State Forest where the group helped out Kettle Pond, Ricker Pond, Boulder Beach, New Discovery, Big Deer, and Groton Nature Center. They worked hard, sweeping leantos, cleaning fire pits, and clearing debris from campsites.

The organized group got a huge
amount of work done
Without all those helping hands, the parks would not have been as ready to open. Thank you Jerry and St. Johnsbury Academy for volunteering with Vermont State Parks. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the volunteering page of Vermont State Parks' website.

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