Rain Droplet

Rain Droplet
By Eric Bouchard, Assistant Ranger Smugglers’ Notch State Park

In the purview, the clouds form round the mountain,
This my home, the Earth’s life fountain,
Just an insignificant being am I,
A droplet formed and released from the sky,

Free falling, where will I end?
So many places I could descend,
Will it be land? Will it be sea?
Will it be roots at the base of a tree?

Closer and closer, ready to go,
It’s now time to begin the show,
Bounce, pop from stone to stone,
Into the stream is where I’m thrown,

Thrash, swirl, side to side,
What could I do, but enjoy the ride,
With one fell swoop, the ride would stop,
Onto a tongue and out of the drop,

What happened then I cannot say,
For the darkness set in and I was led astray,
Up, down, round and round,
Through the dark tunnels I travelled, will I ever be found?

Lost no more, I was able to see,
Released once again by the side of a tree,
Into the dirt I went, through humus and silt,
To that mysterious place an ecosystem’s built,

Filtered back to my original form,
It’s time now for me to perform,
Through the hairs I enter at the base of the root,
From bottom to top, up its natural chute,

From root, to trunk, to branch, to leaf,
I’ve come to a stop, what a relief,
With the heat of the sun, I’m released once again,
To the surface I go, what happens then?

I’m transformed once again from droplet to steam,
Up and away I go as if in a dream.


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