Haunted Hike Happening at Little River State Park!

Come join us for a special event! Saturday, October 2, at 10:00 AM in Little River State Park, Waterbury, VT, author Tim Simard and Little River State Park Interpreter, Brian Aust, will host a spooky presentation and hike. Participants will trek through the autumn woods to discover remnants of the old Goodell Farmhouse on the Dalley Loop Trail and hear about the spooky mysteries of locals’ past.

Attendees should park at the History Hike Parking Lot (Dalley Loop/Hedgehog Hill Loop Trails). Children of all ages and well-behaved and leashed pets are welcome. Feel free to bring snacks or lunch and water. This program will go on, rain or shine. Park entrance fee is required to attend.

As a self-proclaimed skeptic, Tim Simard had always enjoyed a good campfire tale, but never believed they were true until he began research for his book, HAUNTED HIKES OF VERMONT. Simard's book provides both storied history and fanciful legend within the trails of Vermont's Green Mountains and beyond. Hikes are rated on a ghostly scale, according to difficulty and spookiness with something for every member of the family. Hikes cover all parts of the state, from the lake to the Northeast Kingdom to the southernmost part of the state.
Today, Little River State Park is one of Vermont’s most popular state parks. Open through Columbus Day weekend, the park offers tent and RV campsites, lean-to’s, cabins, hiking, swimming and interpretive programs. In the early 1800’s, a settlement of about 50 pioneer families once lived in this area. The hard demands of the land and weather forced younger generations to abandon the farms. Old cemeteries, sawmill remains, old town roads, bridges and many cellar holes can still be seen as evidence of a past community. This small community had an abundance of mysterious and unusual happenings, and Tim and Brian will share these with you.

A little more about the author: Tim Simard has lived on and off in Vermont for the past 10 years. An avid hiker, mountain biker and traveler, he continues to explore footpaths and hiking trails across the United States. Simard has a B.A. in journalism from St. Michael’s College and a M.F.A. in nonfiction writing from the University of New Hampshire. He currently resides in Waterbury, VT with his wife Amanda.


  1. We recently camped at Little River and did the History Hike. When we were at the Upper Cemetary #9, we experienced something. A young child in our group, age 5, said that he had a bad feeling. He was very frightened and this is not typical of him. He started to shake. He told me that he was hearing something. When I asked him what it sounded like, he said it sounds like a low growl. We had taken some photos and now that we are home, we are looking at them. We actually noticed something in one of them. In your research have you found anyone to have a similar experience? We understand that children sometimes are more in-tune with stuff like this. We can email you the photo and let us know what you think. Thanks...


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