Maple Recipes To Sweeten Your Next Camping Trip

Pancakes waiting patiently to be eaten- just needs syrup on top
This upcoming weekend (March 24-25th) is Vermont’s annual Maple Open House Weekend, a chance to visit a working sugar house, observe & learn about the process in person, and of course sample some sweet maple treats. If you’re looking for some easy camp recipes to try with all that fresh syrup you come home with, we’ve got you covered, from breakfast through dessert.

Breakfast: Classic Flapjacks

While camping, THE classic breakfast recipe is pancakes cooked on the griddle over a campfire after waking up in the fresh air & getting ready for a busy day. A filling, delicious meal is called for, and pancakes are a great choice. The basic mix is simple and can be made ahead of time, but the recipe can be personalized however you feel like. Add berries or other fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, shredded coconut, or whatever else you can dream up. A good flipping technique is also important…no one likes burned flapjacks!

When your ‘cake is finished, drizzle (or smother) with syrup and enjoy!

Side Dish: Maple Slaw

Seyon Lodge makes their own maple cookies 
A light salad both sweet and crunchy, ideal for hot summer days

Dessert: Maple Cookies

Try snickerdoodles or maple cream pumpkin versions. Cookies are another perfect food for camp- easily transportable, compact size, and they last for days (in theory, anyway.)

And To Drink 

Maple can go into drinks like maple lemonade which is good for all ages, or you can try a maple cocktail to relax after a long day. 


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