Vermont State Parks' Top Spots For Romance

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Are you looking for a romantic spot to take your current, potential, or totally imaginary sweetie? During the summer months, many parks host weddings, receptions and marriage proposals, and other creative types find romance year-round. In honor of the holiday, here are some
picks for a park-related romantic rendezvous.

Falls of Lana hike from Branbury State Park

Lots of people find waterfalls to be romantic. Stands to reason, right? Nothing captures warm and fuzzy feelings more than the action of water violently cascading against rock. The Falls of Lana are only a short hike from the day-use area at Branbury, and offer several spots to view the falls from various angles. The park setting by Lake Dunmore is a more mellow, less dramatic place to walk along the beach or have a picnic.

The Fire Tower at Molly Stark State Park

There’s also something about the view from a fire tower (as long as neither you no your sweetie is afraid of heights!) From the top of the fire tower here there are impressive views of the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Other popular fire tower views can be found at Elmore and Allis State Park.

Emerald Lake State Park

It’s not just an overly-imaginative name, the water often does have an emerald hue! Looking at pictures, I was deeply skeptical that water in Vermont could really be that color. After visiting in person, I admit my error- if anything the lake is prettier in real life. For prime viewing, a gentle trail winds along the side of the lake and in between the trees. If you want to log some more hiking miles, there is another trail network in the park, and the Long Trail passes nearby.

Quechee State Park

From the park, hike the kid-friendly trail down to one of Vermont’s most impressive sights: the Quechee Gorge.  A product glacial activity and the movement of ice, water and rock over the course of thousands of years, the gorge is over 165 feet deep and over a mile long. It’s a dramatic setting. After you’ve taken some good shots of the river and the bridge, it’s just a short drive down the road to the villages of Quechee and Woodstock. One of Vermont’s best-known towns, Woodstock is home to Vermont’s only national park, beautiful historic architecture, shopping, and more fine places to eat than you can fit into a weekend.

Picnic at Kamp Kill Kare State Park

Close to St. Albans on Lake Champlain, the stately building on the site was once a boys’ camp and hotel. Pack a picnic, and stay for a lovely sunset over Lake Champlain.


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