Get Busy In Winter Series: Sledding & Fat Biking

Tubing at Mt. Ascutney 
Downhill winter sports get the most press this time of year, but we know there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors in winter. Because being an adult is difficult sometimes (or lot of the time!), today we focus on a pair of activities that should appeal to the young.. and the young at heart. Sledding is of course popular with kids the world over, and fat bikes, with their big bouncy tires, just look fun. 


A classic favorite with a nostalgic appeal. Sledding definitely isn’t just for kids though! The beauty of sledding is its simplicity: all you need is a sled (improvised or otherwise) and an incline. Snow is strongly recommended. Sleds have evolved over the years, from the classic wooden body with runners design, to sleek modern models. Here are some suggestions for sledding in the parks:

Mt. Philo, Charlotte VT: 
This long, windy park road from the summit is a dream come true for those who want to live on the edge (Exhibit A, below) Plus it’s only a half an hour from downtown Burlington.

Mt. Ascutney, Windsor VT: 
The OTHER state park with a long, windy road to the top. Quite steep and curvy in places, so be careful on this hill, as well. Winter parking is provided from a plowed pull-off outside the entrance.

Elmore, Lake Elmore VT: 
The hills and park roads at this northern park are more gentle, but still scenic. If you have small children or don’t wish to court bodily injury, this is a good choice.

Allis, Brookfield, VT: 
The access road from Route 65 to the park makes a great sliding hill! An often-overlooked opportunity if you happen to be passing through central VT. Entrance is sometimes plowed in the winter. And, make sure that the gate at the bottom is closed before sliding down the hill at top speed. 

Fat Biking/ Winter Biking 

The popularity of winter biking, also known as fat biking, has exploded in the past few years. Essentially, a fat bike is a mountain bike with bigger tires for riding in snow and ice. Want to give it a try?  There are several spots to try fat biking on state lands in Vermont through a pilot program partnering with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA) and Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST).
Seyon Lodge in Groton, Vermont 
Before you take a bike out for a spin, here are some pointers. Also take care to follow proper fat bike etiquette, which is listed at the bottom of the page. Fat bikes can be rented through Fat Bike Vermont in Woodstock and Killington. 

Seyon Lodge State Park, Groton, VT: 
The trails at Seyon Lodge will be groomed this winter, and the Lodge itself is open all through the winter season. Seyon has always been a favorite destination for winter activities like cross-country skiing, so adding a fat bike option there seemed like the next step.

Trail signs at Seyon Lodge State Park


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