2015 Firewood Update - Buy Local, Burn Local

It’s time to dust off your sleeping bag, fold up your tent, and pack up that camp kitchen!  All Vermont State Parks will be open soon and we can’t wait to see you, whether you plan on swimming, toasting marshmallows, or just enjoying your great escape.  

 As you prepare for your outdoor adventures, there is one thing you should leave off your packing checklist: firewood.  Bringing firewood from home can endanger the beauty of your favorite camping spots by unknowingly introducing tree diseases and insect pests when you move firewood around in your travels.

What can you do? Please don’t bring firewood with you—buy local, burn local. You already carefully extinguish your campfire, clean up your campsite, and recycle your trash, and now we are encouraging you to be a conscientious camper when it comes to firewood.  Rules regulating the importation of untreated firewood into Vermont will be adopted in 2015.  Spread the word!

Dry firewood is available for sale at your favorite state park, or you can pick up a bundle at a nearby country store when you stop to get a fresh bag of marshmallows.  Save the special places you love and buy your firewood where you burn it.       


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