The 4th of July at Brighton State Park

By Eric Bouchard

The 4th of July at Brighton State Park was full of excitement and entertainment for the entire family. Kicking off our weekend, Friday July 4th 2014 was a “Come and Go” event, where participants moved through 4 stages:
  • Paint the American Flag: A sheet was drawn up to map out the Red, White and Blue portions of the flag. Each participant had their hand painted with the color of their choice and placed their print in the appropriate area.
  • Color Uncle Sam: Each child was given a half a sheet of paper with Uncle Sam printed on it. The pictures were colored and hung in our Nature Center for all to see.
  • Decorate a Cookie:  Cookies were put out and those involved were able to decorate the cookie with frosting, sprinkles and candy.
  • Make a Betsy Ross Star: Individuals were given a sheet of paper and instructed how to cut out a Betsy Ross Star. They were given a brief history about the flag and how it was formed originally through the friendship of George Washington and Betsy Ross.
That night we offered a free movie Balto in our Nature Center and handed out ice pops to the movie goers.

Saturday, we had a sand Castle contest at our Camper’s Beach with seven teams of three-to five participants. Each sand creation was unique in their own way and some very intricate. It was a fierce competition that lasted only 30 minutes and the builders could only use sand and water. In addition, the winner received a s’mores pack for the family to share. There were also consolation prizes, including goodie bags and glow sticks.

Saturday afternoon, we drove around the park handing out freeze pops to the kids and reminded everyone about the town fireworks. The Day Use Beach was packed with cars and spectators to view the town and private fireworks displays. It was a both a fun-filled weekend and a reminder of the steps we took to gain our independence all those years ago. 


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