Moving the Historical East Barn

The East Barn on the former Preston-Lefreniere property in Bolton was recently moved 60 feet north from where it sat on Duxbury Road. The property, which includes the Preston-Lefreniere house and two additional barns, is owned by the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR), and part of Camels Hump State Park.
The East Barn is estimated to have been built in the early 1800s in the style of 19th century English barns, and is featured on the Bolton town seal.  Five generations of the Preston family lived and worked on the farm, beginning in the 1790s. 

It is believed that its close proximity to the road, coupled with age, led to the barn’s deterioration. On October 29th, the building was moved onto a new foundation, rotten beams were repaired, and new sills were added. FPR decided to move the barn in order to stabilize and preserve the historical structure for future use. Stabilization efforts will continue through November.

According to Mike Fraysier, FPR’s Director of State Lands Administration, “...The Department recognizes the historic significance of this barn and its importance to the Town of Bolton and felt it was important to undertake some stabilization measures now so that the barn is not lost.” 


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