The Battle of Branbury vs. Bomoseen

by Lesley Porter, Ranger, Branbury State Park

Bomoseen and Branbury State Parks have a bit of a friendly rivalry going these days. The biggest reason for it (other than differences in opinion over which is the better park) is the number of connections the two parks share with staff.

See if you can follow along. Bomoseen’s Ranger used to be the Assistant Ranger at Branbury. Branbury has an Assistant who spent a year as Bomoseen’s Assistant.  Branbury’s Ranger works alongside one of Bomoseen’s attendants in the winter at a ski resort. There is even a pair of siblings split between the two parks.

So last year, Bomoseen challenged Branbury to a volleyball tournament but the two parks were never able to work out a time for the event. This year, the friendly trash-talk started immediately, and we knew we’d have to settle this soon.

On a rainy Monday after work, several staff from Bomoseen traveled to Branbury for a best of 5 volleyball tournament. Branbury’s desire to win was palpable.  They were fierce, and completely threw themselves into the game (and on the ground at times!) But alas, Branbury could not fend off Bomoseen’s crew, who stomped on Branbury in three straight games for the victory.

Bomoseen was presented with the coveted “pinwheel of triumph” and then the two parks had a quick BBQ.  Branbury only had one word for the staff at Bomoseen: REMATCH!!


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