Quack Quack: Caption Contest Winner

We found this photo yesterday and wondered who could come up with the best caption to win a Vermont State Parks punch card. Thank you everyone for participating we LOVED reading all of the submissions! We had over 180 submissions and it made our day more exciting. 

And here are the Top 10!

10. Sharon Palady: Hand over the quackers now or I'll bring my entire waddling family to your campsite... it may not be pretty when we leave... so hand over the quackers! 

9. Nola Howder: Hey baby, you're looking mighty fine. Might I join you at the beach for a waddle?? We can take a paddle together after we eat them there Quackers :)

8. Cheryl Cobb: "Hand over the bread and nobody gets hurt"

7. Lisa Huebl McGunnigle: "Excuse me, could you please point me in the direction of the paddle boats, please?"

6. Crystal Miller: Yo, what's quack-a-lackin?

5.  Lisa Ayers: Vermont State Parks are going to open soon, time to get quackin and get your gear ready! 

4, Hathaway Alayne Washington Perry: Spend a summer day somewhere OTHER than the Vermont State Park? You quack me up! 

3. Cheryl Sargeant: Having a Quakin' Good Time at the Vermont State Parks

2. Becky Temple: Duck out of work and come enjoy VT state parks

And the winner is... Drum Roll Please

1. Valerie Cook Devlin: Stop me if you've heard this one... So the VT park ranger walked into Sand Bar...


  1. I don't understand the joke...?

  2. Walter, its kind of a riff on "A blonde walked into a bar..." you, know, all those "walked into a bar" jokes. What makes this one especially funny is that we have a Vermont State Park named Sand Bar. So, the Vermont State Park Ranger walked into Sand Bar...get it?


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