Growing Works of Art

Growing Works of Art
 A Contest for Students Grades 1-8
Silver Maple
Jeremy Brotz
Silver Maple
Home School
Grade 7 winner in 2012
Celebrate Vermont's Maple Trees
Arbor Day is a day to plant, nurture and appreciate trees and the difference they make in our lives. To help us spread the word about Arbor Day, we are inviting students to actively participate in the celebration through the creation of tree art. To grow the works of art, students will choose a variety of maple (species Acer) that grows Vermont. There are many different kinds of maples that grow in Vermont naturally or intentionally planted. In fact, there are more maples in Vermont than any other species. This contest will highlight and celebrate their important to our state.

To enter the contest students will draw their tree, identify the exact species, plus provide five unique things about that species of tree.
This art/science activity will enrich student knowledge about trees and help us honor eight individual students from grades 1 - 8 as the creators of what will become a set of trading cards to be collected by students across Vermont. All students in these grades are welcome to submit their work, but it is limited to one per student. Submission deadline is March 15, 2013.

Win Prizes
We will select one winner per age group, grades 1 - 8. Winning entries will be featured online at and each will receive:
$50 Visa Gift Card
Gift Bag full of tree related items
Vermont State Park season pass ($80 value)
The opportunity to participate in the statewide Arbor Day Ceremony 
For more information:  Growing Works of Art Contest


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