Park of the Year

And the Winners Are...

Southeast: Quechee State Park

Southwest: Branbury State Park

Northwest: Kill Kare State Park
Northeast: Elmore State Park

Every year we award park of the year to one park in each region. The purpose of the program is to acknowledge exemplary accomplishments of the parks field staff, as well as for the enhancement of public service- to make the parks better, more enjoyable place to recreate. We do this to emphasize focus on group accomplishment. 

Here is a list of some of the criteria:

®     Staff must display outstanding hospitality to all park visitors.

®     Staff must demonstrate an outstanding ability to tactfully handle conflicts and reinforce rules and regulations.
®     Special consideration will be given to the operation that goes “beyond the normal call of duty” 

®     Staff must maintain amiable, courteous, and respectful working relationships among themselves and with maintenance staff, concessionaires, contractors and others who may be working in the park. 

®     Staff appearance must be especially clean, neat and professional.

®     Staff must adhere to all safety requirements using appropriate safety clothing and equipment and insuring that all employees are well versed on all safety related matters 

®     Buildings are to be extraordinarily clean and free of rubbish, odors, stains, etc.

®     Park entrance is to be especially well groomed.

®     Lawns are to be thoroughly mowed and trimmed.

®     Trees, shrubs and flowers are to be well groomed.

®     Litter is to be picked up promptly.

®     Campsites must be prepared well and promptly.

Thanks for another great season to all of the park staff! 


  1. We volunteered at Lake Elmore in 2011 and Ranger Agnes and everyone we met were wonderful. Congratulations on being named Park of the Year you deserve the recognition. Your friendly attitude and hard work were much appricated.
    Thanks, Sandy and Morie


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