Maidstone State Park For the Win! Park Olympics & more

By Eric Bouchard, Assistant Ranger, Maidstone State Park

Guts, Gold and Glory: A phrase often used to portray the drive and determination of Olympic athletes in their pursuits of victory. It is because of their efforts and inspirational stories that we watch and support our country’s top competitors. We here at Maidstone State Park are no different. In an effort to show our support for our hometown Olympians and to also promote an active lifestyle for our country’s youth, we hosted our very own Maidstone Olympics, this past Sunday afternoon. With five events, individuals and teams competed to see who was the best of the best. Interestingly enough, we had individuals participate from both the US and Canada, making the competition that much more fierce. In the end, however, it was apparent that everyone was a winner. Prizes were awarded to top competitors, including donated and hand-crafted Gold, Silver, and Bronze wooden medallions. It was certainly an afternoon to be remembered.

Along the same lines, Maidstone will also be hosting its very own True Outdoors-person Challenge, next Saturday, August 18 at 3pm. With such events as a “One-Match-to-Fire Challenge” and a “Bear Bag Tie Off” contest, this family-friendly competition will leave all participants both entertained and informed. And, as with all of our other events, everyone is a winner and prizes will be awarded.

For the last two weekends of Maidstone's season, we have two events tentatively planned and in the works.

The weekend of August 25th and 26th we will be having a “Find Your Way in the Woods Using Nature” program (Saturday) as well as a “Capture the Flag Free-for-all” event (Sunday).

Then our final weekend September 1st and 2nd we will be hosting our own Maidstone Labor Day Funfair. Stations and tables will be set up to include entertaining, interactive and informative activities. Activities will include:
• Jewelry making
• Gardening
• Leaf/rock painting
• Camping tips
• Coloring
• Bear safety
• Recycling (what to do with recycled items)
• A scavenger hunt
• A pet costume contest, etc

In addition, door prizes, games and snacks will also be offered.

So with only three more weekend left in our camping season, you should come on over to Maidstone State Park to enjoy everything we have to offer, naturally, recreationally and educationally.

*Note: When you come, ask about our ongoing, park-specific treasure hunt, created and designed specifically for Maidstone State Park.


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