Jake Burton Moves Mountains, or at Least the Stone Hut

We recently received an email from our co-worker, Jay Maciejowski, Forestry District Manager. He writes, "When I found out that my daughter, who works for marketing for Burton Snowboards, was setting up this Burton display at the US Open Snowboard Championship, I asked her to send the pics of the display so that Parks knows what a big fan Jake Burton is of the Stone Hut. 
The "All Nighter"

Kate Maciejowksi, elaborates, "Hey Dad, Here are the photos from the Stone Hut shop at the US Open. We chose to model it after the Stone Hut at the top of Stowe because of an idea that Jake had. The exterior of the tent itself was printed with an actual photo of the Stone Hut, and for the inside, we merchandised product on fixtures that we thought went along with the look and feel of the interior of the hut.
Display interior

Big talking points throughout the event were that we used the same exact "All-Nighter" stove that's in the actual Stone Hut (found from a guy on Craigslist) and the pulley coat hanging system that we installed to mimic the one found in the actual Stone Hut - we had a friend build this. We bought all the furniture at local antique shops, and built the two big wooden walls in the back out of 2x4's and repurposed wood.  All the product is Burton product and you can also see some archive stuff sprinkled throughout that we borrowed from our archivist for the event (snowshoes above the stove, old boards on US Open product wall, etc.) Oh, and there's your stack of wood next to the All Nighter!

The "real" Stone Hut
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