DR Power Tests State-of-the-Art Equipment in the Parks

DR Power tries out a new lawn mower
Thanks to the help of DR Power, Branbury State Park was able to open early last year, much to the delight of swimmers and boaters.  Ranger, Lesley Porter, was excited to work with them again this year as they test equipment such as stump grinders, leaf and lawn vacs, and trimmers while helping to clean up area state parks.

Don Selby, Product Testing Manager at DR Power in Vergennes says, "It's a win-win situation". The parks offer plenty of lawn care opportunities for DR Power to test their latest equipment and state parks love the help.  Plus, he and his co-workers enjoy getting out of the office and into places like Lake St. Catherine State Park or D.A.R. State Park to rev up their machines. 

DR Power tests prototypes in all seasons, although Don admits that his crew prefers the spring and fall months when the temperatures are perfect for being outside all day working the big machines. Because of DR Power, Vermont State Parks gets the inside scoop on some of the latest landscape equipment available.  Don mentioned that DR leads the way with innovative technology such as battery powered lawn mowers. His favorite machines to test are the stump grinders. Visit their website for more information.

Thanks for your help, DR Power!

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