Weekend Activities for Rain, Snow, Warm, or Cold Weather

The weather's changing with warmer days, but still cold nights. We're not sure if it's going to snow, rain, or do nothing at all this weekend. So, we've put together a list of fun winter activities for all types of February weather.

Weather - snowy and cold
Make your own icicle treats
Materials: a clean container such as a bucket or bag, water, (flavoring if you want to eat your icicle)
Directions: Poke a small hole in the bottom of the container (just enough for a drip to go through) and find a place outside to hang it (not over a walkway since it will be creating ice!) Mix some water with a flavoring, such as some maple syrup or juice and fill the container. It's best to put the container outside at the end of the day and the next morning you should have a homemade icicle! *Note the size of the icicle depends on the temperature and the size of the hole - try a few different locations, hole sizes, and times of day. Enjoy experimenting and a frozen treat!

Weather - rainy and cool
Make your own board game out of recycled goods
Materials: old cereal boxes, buttons, bottle caps, etc. Also, art supplies like markers, scissors, tape, glue
Directions: The possibilities are almost endless here! Buttons or bottle caps can be used as game pieces, checkers, or chess pieces. Open up a used cereal box and use the inside as the board - decorate it using your art supplies! Make up rules to your game (or use the regular rules for games like chess and checkers). Have fun playing!

Weather - clear and cool
Get outside and enjoy a full moon snowshoe or walk!
When the moon is full, and there's snow on the ground, the light reflects making it seem almost as bright as daylight! This only happens a few times a year at the most, so it's a special time to be outside. If you stand very still, you'll notice that it's much quieter this time of year too. Crickets and other insects heard in the warmers months are not making any sounds! Happy Presidents' Day Weekend!

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  1. Looooove the icicle idea! Kids will love it!


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