Jamaica State Park Archaeology Dig: Days 8 & 9: August 18 & 19

Day 8: August 18
We are nearing completion on the primary excavation block where the septic tanks are going to be placed. The excavations for the waterline trench are ongoing, but curiously, artifacts are not nearly as abundant as the excavation block. Quartzite is still the predominant recovered raw material, suggesting a clear and ongoing use of specific raw material resources over time.

Day 9: August 19
We are finishing the trench excavation prior to the weekend rush, because it requires us to have a portion of the parking lot closed. Almost no artifacts have been recovered from this latest portion of the trench, suggesting thinning evidence of occupation away from the river. We also recovered what appears to be a spear point dating to the early archaic period, approximately 9,000-7,500 calendar years ago. Abundant artifacts are still being recovered from the primary excavation project.


  1. Thanks for sharing the news of the archaeology project. It's great that VT State Parks has such an interesting project going on. I was down there and it a wonderfully exciting place to be!!


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