Jamaica State Park Archaeology Dig: Day 5, August 13

Just a quick update today. We are continuing to excavate the 1 x 1 m units we have open before we leave for the weekend. At the base of excavation, we are encountering basal, glacially deposited cobbles, suggesting that there has been very little soil development in the area since the retreat of the glaciers. Below the black, artifact-rich living surface, artifact counts drop off precipitously. We found the first piece of Native American-made pottery this morning. The distinctive decorative patterns on the outer surface suggest that it was made during the Late Woodland period (1,000-1600 AD). We will be back on Monday!


  1. I am so excited about this project. I teach 6th grade social studies, and we study archaeology and ancient civilizations. I hope this information stays on the site for a while, so I can use this in class. I knew that a new septic system was going in by the bathrooms. Did you decide to do the dig as a result of something that was found during the work or was the dig already scheduled in advance of the septic work?

  2. Anyone know if you can see the dig on the weekend?

  3. An exciting activity that must be participated by young people. Thanks for the update and thank you for letting us know :) We appreciate it.


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