Ancient Artifacts found at Jamaica State Park

Ancient artifacts found at Jamaica State Park! Could Jamaica State Park be one of the oldest campgrounds in Vermont? Join us for a real, live archaeological dig in progress!

While planning for some waste water system work, a few test pits were dug and 70- 80 ancient artifacts were found near the Salmon Hole at Jamaica State Park, triggering a full blown archaeological dig. In fact, beneath the park lie the remains of numerous ancient Native American camp sites dating back at least 6,000 years.

The University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program will be excavating portions of a Native American campsite (VT-WD-2), near Salmon Hole in Jamaica State Park on weekdays from August 9 - 20, 2010. This work represents the first systematic excavation of this well known, but poorly understood site, and is being carried out in advance of much needed park facility upgrades.

The public is encouraged to visit the dig while it is underway, ask questions, help wash newly discovered artifacts and learn about the park's Native American history. We'll be sharing updates regularly, so stay tuned for more info.

Come experience the excitement of archaeological discovery!


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