Hidden Art

Can you see the face? Many people visit the Notch to view the rock formations. Even our youngest guests have no problems discovering fantastic creatures in the towering cliffs above. The dual mile long thousand foot cliffs which line Smugglers’ Notch are richly decorated with famous formations and provide ample opportunity to find new ones on your own. An imaginative person can discover new formations in the cliffs at the Notch just as someone gazing in the sky can make out different formations with the clouds. Some of the rock formations found in the Notch take a bit more imagination to piece together, but a few well known and more obvious formations in the Notch are: Smugglers’ Face, Elephants Head, Hunter and his Dog, The Shark’s Tooth, and The Singing Bird. The beautiful scenery sweeps up those who wonder into the Notch and gives them an unforgettable adventure full of cliffs, wildlife, and the undiscovered formations of rock. If you’re willing to explore you should come visit and try to spot the formations yourself. If your wondering eye leads to the discovery of new formations in the cliffs above, we would love to see them, let us know by stopping at the Information Booth or sending us a picture. Our Interpreter, JP, can also help you assist you in locating the harder formations.

If you need help finding The Smuggler’s Face in the above photo, click “Read More” to take a peak…


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