June at Seyon Lodge State Park

As spring turns toward summer, Seyon Lodge has seen a variety of guests, weather, wildlife and cuisine. During the last weekend of May, deep into the green drake hatch, the weather became finicky. Sunday morning brought rain showers, and then it cleared with temperatures in the sunshine reaching over 60 degrees. Suddenly wind gusts of 50 mpg drastically decreased the temperature The subsequent precipitation fell in the form of snow. By the end of the evening, temperatures dropped into the high twenties.

During a recent civil union, a dragonfly hatch blessed the party with its amazing transformation. Dragonflies are not the least of the wildlife sightings at Seyon Lodge State Park.

Square-tail brook trout, garter snakes, beaver, white-tailed deer, frogs, toads, mink, woodcock, flickers, robins, great blue heron and ruby-throated hummingbirds are among some of the animals that have been spotted in the park. The flora is also taking off as summer approaches. All the leaves on the trees have created an emerald canopy, which is like a green tunnel when driving up Seyon Pond Road. Fiddleheads are done and gone, but morel mushrooms are another culinary gift from the forest.

Along with procuring morels for us, guests brought a striped bass fresh from the coast of Massachusetts. What a treat! Guests have loved the home-made lasagna with bechamel sauce. This weekend, the potato-crusted salmon was a big hit along with the profiteroles filled with home-made coffee ice cream and chocolate sauce. The menu is dynamic and fresh to match the seasons and the atmosphere of the Green Mountains.

Nate Kargman is the Assistant Ranger at Seyon Lodge State Park


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