New Program - Outdoor S'more! for Licensed Child Care Providers

You may have heard of the Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge - a statewide, outside scavenger hunt. Similar to this program, but designed for licensed child care providers with younger children, Outdoor S'more! is a new program encouraging kids to explore the outdoors (and get rewarded for it).

Outdoor S'more! activities range from collecting seeds and sorting them by how they feel (10 points) to finding shapes in nature (5 points per shape). Once the group reaches 100 points, the group sends in photos of them completing activities, their scorecard (shown right), and any other supporting documents, such as artwork or writing, to Vermont State Parks. The reward is a FREE day use visit for the whole group to any of the 52 Vermont State Parks!

Score sheets are being mailed to all licensed day care providers in Vermont.

You can celebrate completing the challenge by having a picnic, playing games, or going for a hike in your favorite park.

For more information on how your day care group can participate in Outdoor S'more! Call 802-241-4680 or 802-241-3665.

For more information on Venture Vermont please visit

For more information on ideas for activities to do in the parks, please visit


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